No Regrets…..

Hope you enjoy my Grand Slam Story Slam for 2015! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my beloved readers. I am so thankful for all your reading, comments and support. Hope this gives you a chuckle. I have never had one regret putting myself out there for all of you!



0 thoughts on “No Regrets…..

  1. No regrets. Perfect. Thank you for sharing… and through humor, showing the way. I too have care-given for my my 92 year old mother and my 103 year old neighbor. Now I don’t have to give details. I can just send people to this video.

    1. thanks so very, very much for your kind words. I am always delighted and humbled to connect with my fellow caregivers. Your sweet words to send others to hear my video is music to my ears! Thanks a million!