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Senior Moments….Can They Make Hollywood Better?

I recently went on a rant about how the film ‘La La Land’ was, in my opinion, an over-inflated hoax perpetrated on the lovers of Hollywood musicals. Okay, that’s a bit harsh, I know. I guess all this pent-up frustration about the mess the world is in today had to blow itself up somewhere. And in my efforts to try and try and try to figure out how we all got here, why we are so divided, and is there truly no common ground for progress or peace or even just peace of mind, I just needed to put all that vexation somewhere….so La La Land got it between the eyes. I don’t retract anything I said. I believe that the movie was a mediocre musical in light of the masterpieces from the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. And I stand by my opinion that it is insulting to all the talented actors out there to use subpar talent in a movie about talent.

BUT…all that being said, I just want you to know, my 88 year-old mother’s response at the end of the film, which she so badly wanted to see, was: “Well, they’re no Fred and Ginger, are they?” Then, in an effort to be nice, because my Mom subscribes to the rule,”if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…’, she said: “Well, I haven’t seen Magic Numbers yet, so I guess I’ll have to reserve judgment.”

Hmm. Magic Numbers.

For just a minute there, I had no idea what Mom was talking about. But, I did know that this was a double-edged sword. By falling for this seemingly innocent and non-committal statement, and thus engaging her I would have to admit to two things;

  1. I would have to find out what Magic Numbers meant or was, and
  2. I would have to take her to see Magic Numbers so that her judgment would no longer be reserved.

After all these years as a caregiver, and a daughter for that matter, I’m onto these people. But it doesn’t matter. I fall for it anyway. And even if I didn’t, someone else is usually there to pick up the slack and take the set-up like Abbot to Costello.

“Mom, Magic Numbers? What is that?” says my husband.

“Oh, wait, do you mean ‘Hidden Figures’?” I say.

“Yeah, whatever it is. We need to see that,” my Mom replies.

I turn to my husband and tell him we need to go see Magic Numbers. We all laugh, including my Mom. But not to be outdone, Mom turns to the complete strangers next to her and says in her best Rodney Dangerfield, “I get no respect.”

So last night we went to see Magic Numbers. You know what? My Mom was right on two fronts: It was ever so much better than La La Land, so her reserved judgment was confirmed. But more importantly, it should’ve been called “Magic Numbers.” Much better title. I wonder if I can get my Mom a job in Hollywood?

“You Just have to Laugh…..”

©2017 Cathy Sikorski

Mid-life…a Toddlin’ Town……

As we get more mature, we seem to have some issues that we didn’t have before. And yet, I’m beginning to remember that even toddlers had those same issues.

My youngest daughter was the queen of misunderstandings, or she couldn’t hear. The first day she came home from kindergarten, she was happy and enthusiastic.

“Mommy! Mommy!” she cried so elated, “I want to be a cupcake! I want to be a cupcake!”

“A cupcake, sweetie?” Of course, I jump right into mommy-mode: “Oh, honey, do you mean we need to make cupcakes for school? Okay, we can do that.”

“NO, Mommy,  no, no, no. I want to BE a cupcake!”

“I don’t know what you mean, honey. ”

“Mom,” her older sister chimes in with the voice of a condescending eight-year old to her elderly mother who is already so uncool, “she wants to be a Brownie.”


A bit before that, she came into the kitchen one dark, cold winter night from helping Dad take out the trash claiming, “Mommy, Mommy, I just saw O’Brien!”

Could this be O"Brien?
Could this be O”Brien?

I looked at her quizzically. “Who is O’Brien and what is he doing in our driveway at night?”

“No, Mommy, I saw O’Brien!” I have no idea what this child is talking about. We have no neighbors named O’Brien. We don’t really even have neighbors, certainly none close enough to be in our driveway at night for no known reason.

My husband comes in just at the tail end of her accusatory tone indicating that I’m not the smartest Mommy like she thought I was.

“Cathy, I showed her the constellation, Orion.” Oh.

So when my husband says to me while we’re watching Jeopardy, “What’s for dinner?” and I say: “How do I know who the winner is, it’s not over yet!”

Or I’m conversing with my daughter on the phone as she walks through the streets of New York City and she’s telling me about her date:

“And then he got a swan and we shared it.”

“A swan? Why would you share a swan? What does that even mean? Do you keep the swan on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Where is it now in your bathtub?”

“MOM…a flan…. F-L-A-N…flan!”


It is nice, isn't it?
It is nice, isn’t it?

Oh, that’s nice.

I think, well this isn’t age, it’s just a misunderstanding. Anyone, even a toddler could make that mistake.

Oh and I laughed so hard, I peed a little, which a toddler would do too. So…I’m feeling younger every day, as I walk past the Pampers aisle to inspect the Lisa Rinna Always Sexy Underpants.

“You Just have to Laugh….”

©2017 Cathy Sikorski