You’ve Come A Long Way Baby……

My mom has become obsessed with creating photo albums for her six children from the hundreds of photos in her treasure chest.  She must make 6 copies of almost every photo, or at least as the photos progress and a child is added to the history books. I have no idea why this project might be frustrating for her 88-year-old self, do you? Duh, comes to mind.

Every once in awhile, when I’m in the mood for a little frustration myself, I stop over to my mom’s house to call the VA, or fix her iPad, or fight with Verizon.  Invariably, we start to look at the pictures together.

Yesterday, she showed me this photo.


My Nana is the one circled in yellow. She is about 35 years old in this picture. Her name wasn’t even Nana yet, as my mom is the cutest little 8-year-old circled in pink. I made my mom go find a photo of herself at around the age of 35.

Adorable me second from left! Even tho that’s not the point.

Then I came home and looked for one of me around the same age.

Please Note: 80’s fashion is not helping me make my point.

I would like to posit the following: Rather than continuing to punish women for adopting a youth culture look, perhaps we are actually just trying to enjoy life, look like we are having fun, and present a ‘picture’ to the world of what we actually look like, at the age we are at. Perhaps over the last 50 years, we started rebelling against being portrayed as “Nana” before we were even done having children. Perhaps, just because we have children doesn’t mean we have to wear orthopedic shoes, bras with no support, dresses made from tablecloths, or a hairstyle that would confuse us with Grandma Moses.

Perhaps my mother’s generation actually clandestinely started a revolution where women got to enjoy their youth, even if they had 6 youths of their own running around. Maybe that’s what began way back in the ’50’s and ‘ 60’s when no one was paying attention to the everyday housewife. And maybe that’s what’s still happening today to women in their ’50’s and ’60’s when no one is still paying attention.

Just sayin………

My Nana apparently didn’t change her look for 60 years. My mom, on the other hand, created generations of hot tomatoes! Yay, Mary Ann!


Photo by Dani Almond Photography
Photo by Dani Almond Photography

“You Just have to Laugh…………..”

©2017 Cathy Sikorski

17 thoughts on “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby……

  1. Cathy, i just love the history! You looked great than and now! Fun to see your Mom, Nana and sibs! And Hanover street in one pic! Memories of fun times, most of the time!
    Love, Bethie

  2. My maternal grandmother, who lived into her mid-80’s, always looked old. She always had the same hairstyle: rolled up in back, with a few pin curls in front. My Mom was a beauty when she was young, and she kept her youthful looks. At age 67, I can almost swear my sister has the same face she had as a teenager. As for me, I have a modified pixie hairdo and, although I don’t dress like a teenager, I don’t try to look like an old lady, either. I refuse to become old before my time, and, even then, I’ll think about it! 😀

  3. Wow these are the greatest photos and what a special gift your mom is working on for all of you. She is amazing! I think back to the 50’s and early 60’s and one of the clearest memories I have is of my mother and her neighbor friends buying paper dresses. Too funny!

    1. Oh my. I’m certain my mom would never wear a paper dress. She was not that fashion forward! hahahah!

    1. I’m flattered you think that’s me, but that’s my mom in the 1960’s. You two were probably both wearing those great Jackie Kennedy suits back then!

  4. Hi Cathy, You were so adorable, but then, alas, you grew. (You know I’m giving you some snark because that dress still look great.) I’m still getting rid of stuff from the house so it can go on the market. I’m finding over 50 years of my life in photos still in shoe boxes…sigh.
    My Mother put photos in albums, so if we want to look back, we leaf through those. Organization skipped a generation, don’t you know. Thanks for the laughs.

    1. Oh Diane…I love the snark…always will. You must be feeling overwhelmed. And yet, looking at these photos is bringing my mom and I so much joy. Hope you are feeling that as well!

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