Come Join Me In My Kind of Town…..

My husband said this WAS bold….because of the ‘after gym’ glow. I think he meant, don’t quit your day makeup.

7 thoughts on “Come Join Me In My Kind of Town…..

    1. Thanks so much! I hope to bring a good message to such a wonderful and hard working group of unsung heroes. Be Bold!

  1. Cathy,,

    Mpm loved your talk at Women’s group. “She presents so well and a great deal of information. I have to read her book, read the 1st and has had this ine for months!
    You are making an impression on a tough sell! Told me you said, hello.
    You make me laugh, u got thru, and I may get to read your 2nd book!

    1. Thanks dear friend. I always ask about you! Yes, read my book…it will defiintely help you and your mom, I think! Love to you.

  2. Oh Cathy…in case I forgot to send congratulations on your win…consider it done. Now you are off to Chicago, so I hope you will be able to catch up with Nicole Hollander because I know you two would hit it off. I’ll forward this to her, too. BTW, I was watching Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries on PBS and thought you look very much like Miss Fisher. Cheers from the Wrinkle Farm. Moi & Gussie =^..^=
    P.S. I wasn’t allowed to vote more than once, but used my DH’s computer to vote “again”.

    1. Thanks, Diane. I take the compliment about Miss Fisher very, very highly. Thanks so much for that!!! I will try and look up Nicole Hollander…please tell her to look for me as well! Hope to see you soon, Diane.

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