Shoes, Glorious Shoes…….!!!!

I have been fighting against “old lady shoes” for quite some time now. Okay, I’ve just been fighting the ‘old lady’ thing altogether. But I love shoes…high shoes, shiny shoes, fancy shoes, boots, sandals…you name it.  I can’t get enough of all kinds of shoes. I think for two reasons. One, I like looking down at pretty things, and two, my feet are really skinny. It’s so dysfunctional, I know. And you’d think most people would hate that because all shoes don’t fit. But I like using the word skinny sometimes when I’m not ordering a Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

Yet, the gods of comfort are beckoning to me. And not in a nice way. The other thing I love to do is travel. And every shoe-loving woman will tell you that travel and shoes are like oil and water….unless you find the perfect vinaigrette…. which I think I may have at my new bff shoe store…SAS shoes.

A while ago I told you how I dutifully took my Mom to get her standard shoes at SAS, and

Pretty even without me in them!
Pretty even without me in them!

much to my surprise, I found a pair of adorable patent leather flats that seemed too good to be true…super comfy and shiny and fun! I loved them right away. Six months later I took Mom back for summer sandals and again I was chomping at the bit to go across the street to the fun, funky shoe store as soon as Mom got her feet squared away for comfy walking.

And lo and behold, there in the SAS store were these candy-apple sandals that felt as yummy as a treat at the county fair. I plunked down my credit card and decided I would

Sexy French Feet Thanks to SAS Shoes!
Sexy French Feet Thanks to SAS Shoes!

give them the ultimate test………I took them right out of the box and off to a walking trip in France.

My feet never felt so good…at least I didn’t notice they felt bad, what with all the French wine and croissants. No, it was better than that, I could walk on the beach, go shopping, see the sights and not once did my feet hurt…and they were pretty, and shiny!

I was re-thinking the ‘old lady shoe’ prejudice.

Then I got an email from some lovely gal named Taylor at SAS shoes.

“Would you like to review our new fall shoe called ‘HOPE?

Would I????©2016Cathy Sikorski

Happy Feet!

These beauties came just in time for a quick trip to NYC to spend time with our daughter and meet the new boyfriend. This was a big risk. I can be pretty cranky if my feet hurt. There’s no way to get around NYC without walking for blocks and blocks. So I put on my new burgundy suede HOPE shoes and off we went. I should have told the new boyfriend to HOPE for the best. Boy, did he get lucky!

I do so love SAS shoes. My arches were happy, the color is so ‘in’ this fall, and museums didn’t leave my feet hopeless. It was such a beautiful “Autumn in New York….” day that we even walked the 20 blocks home from lunch because we were enjoying the day and each other so much. I think my daughter and the new boyfriend are now a fan of SAS shoes!

In that former blog, I decided that SAS must not just mean San Antonio Shoemakers, but also Style and Sass (that’s my new name for them!). So, yes, I got the HOPE shoes for free to review them, but the other SAS shoes were on me. Now, SAS shoes will always be on me….to rest from my 4-inch heels and remind my feet, I really do love them!

“You Just Have to Laugh…..and wear comfortable cool shoes!”

©2016 Cathy Sikorski

0 thoughts on “Shoes, Glorious Shoes…….!!!!

  1. from a man point a view. you have great taste in shoes. you look great for your age (cute) and about your skinny feet. sexy 🙂 !! lot of women would love to have feet like yours. (smiles!!!!)

  2. None of us want to end up in those extremely ugly old lady shoes (even when we reach old lady status in our 90’s!!) It’s always nice to see shoes that are comfortable but still look lovely – I’m too tall for 4″ heels unfortunately – but lovely shoes like these certainly catch my eye.

  3. How have I never heard of these before?! Definitely going to check them out. My feet and I thank you!

  4. I’m like you Cathy and didn’t want to move into the ‘older lady comfortable shoe’. I was approached to write a post by a shoe company in Australia that I always associated with ‘grandma shoes’ but boy was I surprised! I think the styles you are wearing look great and it is a pleasant surprise to see companies realizing that not all ‘grandmas’ are ‘old’!

  5. Hi Kathy! You always expose me to new thoughts, and I love your writing! This year has certainly flown by! Hope we can get together before it ends! Linda

  6. For a few years now, I have been a devotee of Crocs clogs. They come in bright neon colors, as well as black and white, and they are the most comfortable shoes on the planet. I don’t care if they make my already-wide feet look like duck feet. I can actually walk in them, and they are colorful! They never seem to wear out, either.

    On the other hand, you now have me curious. I am going to check out SAS shoes online.

    BTW, I hate shopping for shoes. My big temptation is handbags. I have trouble resisting them if they are the kind I like to carry and they look nice. I think I have ended up donating more handbags to charity than a Salvation Army Store can hold!

    1. Check them out online, Kathy. I went to the store but online is good too! And thsoe handbags??/ Me too, but I saw an article that says you can fill them with lovely lady things like deodorant, socks, gum, gloves and just hand it to a homeless lady on the street or give them filled to a homeless shelter. That’s what I’m planning on doing with mine now!

  7. OMG! They come in size 12 and narrow! How can I ever thank you enough. BTW, good article and picture in the paper the other day…very well said, too. Cheers…=^..^=

    1. Yes, Diane…hahahaha look at me!!! Seriously, I think you will love these shoes and the fact that they come in your size will make you a customer forever. Give it a whirl!

  8. When I broke my foot — decades ago — the podiatrist gave me a list of shoes I could wear. Top on that list were SAS shoes, of which I got a pair. Off and on I have gotten SAS shoes ever since. Now I live in an area where they are hard to find. But I will say the new shoes you have featured look good enough to get me out looking again! I need total support whenever I walk. So fashion has given way to practicality. It would be nice to have both!

    1. I know, I know FASHION AND COMFORT…we can do this aging thing now, can’t we?!?!?! This is the beauty of online shopping too, we don’t have to find a store. It’s at our fingertips! Yay!