I know you love me….

So many of you have already voted for me to be the guest Keynote Speaker at the National Caregivers’ Conference in Chicago in November. But in case you are not a Facebook Friend or I don’t have your email. I’m posting the link here in hopes that you will mosey over to this website, scroll to the bottom on the left where the names of all the finalists are and click on my name and then click the vote button! You can certainly look at my video, but it’s not necessary. Just need your vote. Thanks for your support, I will do my best to make you proud of me, my blessed readers! Tomorrow, I promise you another hilarious story!

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9 thoughts on “I know you love me….

  1. Done and glad to contribute. However, we really need something to laugh about PDQ! Have moved to the wrinkle farm…fortunately, there are Bluebirds singing. Remember, you can never see enough Bluebirds. =^..^=

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