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It’s the little things………Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

It’s Thanksgiving week. Here is where we post the things we are thankful for.  Just in that sentence, I’m thankful, that as an adult, I can end that sentence with a preposition and no one can stop me.

Like many, I have much to be thankful for, but let’s look at the really small things:

10.  I’m thankful for my hand doctor who said keep typing, your arthritis won’t get worse or better from it.  Thank you?

9.  I’m thankful for my new Poise pads that move seemlessly with my body, even though my body seems to move more problematically every day.

8. I’m thankful for my cleaning lady. Pretty much says it all.

7.  I’m thankful for Netflix, Amazon Prime and even Network TV. Stop judging.

6. I’m thankful for socks.

5.  I’m thankful for Pumpkin Spice smells. I know it’s overdone, but I still love it, just maybe not in my socks.


4. I’m thankful for my bathroom scale. Okay, it’s a love-hate relationship but it keeps me honest, especially this time of year.

3. I’m thankful for coffee. I’ve cut back but my friend advised me yesterday that it’s the one thing that has all upside and no downside.  I shall now return to my devotion to cafe au lait.

2. I’m thankful for just being where I am. It’s pretty great here.

1.  I’m most thankful for you, my readers, who so kindly stop in on occasion to share a minute together. If you are or ever have been a caregiver, a special thanks to you for your love and sacrifice to your loved one. If you ever just did one kind thing in your life…and I know you have, each and every one of you….thanks for that, you may never know how you changed someone’s day or life.


©2017 Cathy Sikorski

2014 Reasons to be grateful….okay only 10…..

Everyone has something to be grateful for…just look around you:

1. Grateful that my cleaning lady is downstairs and I’m up here typing.

2. Grateful that my company left, not because I didn’t LOVE having them here, but now I can forget to put on a bra, or clothes and run to answer the phone or quick send that email.

3. Grateful for my sister who basically cooks the entire Thanksgiving dinner, except the turkey and stuffing and brings it to my house. You should all be so lucky, especially when it’s snowing.

4. Grateful that my brother-in-law is home and snuggled in his independent living and not in a nursing home anymore……even if the visiting nurses still try and get me to look at the miraculously healing wound on his derrière.

5. Grateful for my darling, amazing, commenting, fun, funny, interesting readers of this blog.

6. Grateful for Depends, mail order drugs, external catheters, bed pans and spit cups. Yes, those inventions make my life better.

Wine...just wine
Wine…just wine

7. Grateful for the Hallmark Channel, bad Christmas movies and wine, really grateful for wine.

8. Grateful for all the people, Facebook posts, somee cards, and Pinterest posts that make me laugh.

9. Grateful for heat, electricity, water and wine, not necessarily in that order.

10. Grateful that I am able to sit here and write this blog because I have an amazing husband, daughters, mom, brothers, sisters, friends, a cleaning lady and wine.

Thank you all for being my readers, my friends, my supporters and my partners in laughter…Laughing alone isn’t nearly as much fun and…..

“You just have to Laugh………”

©2014 Cathy Sikorski



A snapshot of Thanksgiving….no pictures exist

This Thanksgiving we were all reminded of days gone by…..and it turned from what to be thankful for, to who has ever had the worst Thanksgiving. Which is kinda of funny since, isn’t that the day we are supposed to look back and be….well…thankful?

So after a few “can you top this crappy Thanksgiving stories“, we all remembered with reverence and a few tears that this is Aunt J’s holiday to spend with us. Now if you remember, Aunt J couldn’t hear a lick, and because of macular degeneration, couldn’t see all that well either. In days gone by, Aunt J and my mother-in-law would be here for a day or two before Thanksgiving and be right in there helping with all the food prep and getting the house in order. Aunt J decided that her job would be chopping vegetables. Someone(probably me) got out the glass cutting board, because it’s big and two people could use it at one time. And the chopping began, onions, celery, parsley, potatoes. Ten pounds of potatoes requires a lot of peeling and chopping, as does the accompanying onions, celery and parsley to make three or four casseroles of Pennsylvania Dutch potato stuffing.

What none of us realized is that when one can’t see or hear very well, AND when one is hell-bent-for-election to get ten pounds of potatoes with all the accoutrements done in a timely manner….well, one Aunt J to be specific, turned that glass cutting board into a jackhammer. All of us in the kitchen, and there were close to 10 people in there slaving away, were standing there with eyes as wide as saucers looking at one another with alarm and an internal cry for help.

My mother-in-law went first:

“J, you’re doing that too hard, you’re gonna’ break the cutting board,” she said.

Aunt J just kept chop, chop, chopping away, in kind of a maniacal look if you want to know the truth.

Next up: my mom, in the loudest voice she could muster:


Miraculously, J looks up from her mission to crush, kill, destroy.

My mom takes her hand out of the pot she is stirring, and makes a gesture to slow down, kind of like they do when you’re driving through a construction area on a highway and they want everyone to SLOW THE HELL DOWN!

Aunt J shakes her head in the affirmative and ever so SLOWLY chops an onion in half, then in quarters, then starts to dice, and well, just can’t help herself. Apparently dicing is a gateway to methamphetamines and other dangerous things.

Finally, I take all her toys away and just before she can shed a tear that’s not related to onion chopping, I replace the glass cutting board with a super heavy duty plastic one. The muffler of all cutting boards, even though we never knew we needed such a thing. Everyone grabbed their requisite wine glass that accompanies Thanksgiving day food prep (what? that’s not a thing????) and let the little chopping elf continue her important work.

That was years ago…. haven’t gotten that glass cutting board out since.

You just have to laugh……

Cathy Sikorski