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I’d like to thank my Readers..and, of course World Peace

So, if you know me and my quirky husband, you know I love candy and he loves beer.

How fitting that our lucky winner was a combination of all our loves!

Mary JanesMy dear friend, who is oh generous with her time as my very patient  French teacher, Mary Jane is lucky number 33! Tres bon, n’est-ce pas?

I was so glad it wasn’t someone named “Salmon” because it may be the only thing I really hate to eat….even someone named “Brussel Sprouts” would have been welcomed with open arms!


Reader WinIf you didn’t see the “33” on the Rolling Rock, please look again. So that next time you can go around to your favorite watering holes and see if you can figure out how Mr. Quirky makes his lucky picks!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU  to my AWESOMEST READERS!  I hope to continue to entertain you…..and am working hard on getting my book published so you can sit down with me for a few hours and eat candy and drink beer. Sounds good, n’est-ce pas?

“You just have to Laugh….”

Cathy Sikorski