Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things that don’t show…Christian Dior

It was going to be a happy day. After months of being in and out of rehab, my brother-in-law was returning home. His current rehab center was about an hour away from me, so I was a bit late in getting there to do all the discharge baloney.

Nonetheless, they called me when I was 10 minutes away from the facility, as his wheelchair transport was already there. The transport driver was ready to go and wanted to leave before I arrived.

“Is he dressed and ready to go?” I asked the discharge nurse.

“Yes, they are just waiting for you to get here and sign the papers.”

“Well, if he’s ready and they can’t wait 10 minutes, he can get going and I’ll be there to gather his things and sign,” I replied.

“If you’re only 10 minutes away,I’ll see if they can wait,” said the nurse.

“Either way is fine with me,” I pleasantly replied…after all, it was a happy day.

I arrived in less than 10 minutes, and went into his room to gather his things.

There was my BIL in his bed, in a hospital gown, just shrugging his shoulders when he saw me.

Right behind me followed the discharge nurse.

“I thought you said they were transporting him home?”

“Well, the transport driver said he heard you were going to be an hour late, so he left.”

“Where would he hear that? Twitter? Facebook? The Huffington Post? I literally just told you I was 10 minutes away!”

“I don’t know,” said the nurse, “but that’s what the front desk said when I told them to send up the driver.”

“Okay,” I responded incredulously and losing my pleasant disposition ever so quickly, “but you told me he was dressed and ready to go. He’s in a hospital gown.”

“Well, that’s dressed,” he said a bit defensively.

Now, granted, this is a rehab facility. Fashion is not the highest order of the day. And if you’re not running around the hallways, or eating in the dining room, a hospital gown may be your couture du jour. However……..

“Ummm…….no….that is NOT dressed for someone who is going home in a wheelchair and right to the dining room at his home, for his meals. I’m pretty sure no one wants a Sharon- Stone-Basic-Instinct  reveal from a hospital gown , while having their salad course. It brings a whole new meaning to ‘dining al fresco.’ You need to get him dressed in his clothes which are in his closet here.”

To which my brother-in-law pipes up: “I’m a bit chilly.”

Ya’ think?

“You just have to Laugh…………”

©2015 Cathy Sikorski


0 thoughts on “Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things that don’t show…Christian Dior

  1. it sounded you had a frustrated day at that time. pray your BIL got out of that place!!! but you are right, you just have to laugh and move on. smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. That’s what I keep doing, Jerome, smiling and laughing…….frustration doesn’t seem to help all that much…….but laughing does! Thanks,as always for reading and commenting!

  2. You are a better person than I am! Those rehabs are sometimes too much for me to handle. Sometime I’ll tell you a story about my dad’s roommate and what they did to him. Ugh. So glad I have you around to make me laugh! xoxo

    1. That’s the only way I can spend so much time there…….I just keep looking and looking for someone to make me laugh, in a good way, of course! Thanks as always for your reading and comments.

  3. Honestly how in the hell can you stand the stupidity every day. I’m guessing “10 minutes” does not sound like “over an hour” in any language.

    1. I LOVE stupidity. Obviously, it loves me too because I attract it every day….it’s there for the taking as a writer, right….er….hahahaha Love to you my faithful friend and reader. And Happy Easter!