Laugh….and the world laughs with you……………

Okay kids….it’s time to laugh, even just a little bit…

How do you know if you are a caregiver?

  1. If you are buying wipes and you don’t have a baby…..
  2. If you have dozens of medications in your house and none of them are yours…..
  3. If you wish some of them were yours…………..
  4. If, when someone says ‘whine’, you break out a long-stemmed glass……..
  5. If you get into your car and your car takes you to a nursing home but that’s not where you were going……….
  6. If you’re so tired that you used Preparation H to brush your teeth before bed….
  7. If you have dishes in the sink, laundry in the hamper, unpaid bills, and you drop everything to take your Mom to the doctor and the hairdresser and lunch and the bank and the pharmacy and the grocery store and the dry cleaners…….
  8. If you have on two different shoes…..
  9. If you just recently started using swear words that never came out of your mouth before….
  10. If you are so well-versed in medical-speak that they ask you to check on a patient in Room 612 ……..
  11. If when you say you’re going to the Vet, you don’t mean a place where animals get medical care….
  12. If you use so many acronyms like HIPPA, AARP, HMO, DME, SNF, OT, PT, ER, that you start spelling your kids’ names instead of saying them….
  13. If date night is now every Friday night in the Emergency Room….

Or this……


Check with your spouse, your significant other, your friends, your therapist….you just might be one of us!

“You Just have to Laugh…..”

©2017 Cathy Sikorski

10 thoughts on “Laugh….and the world laughs with you……………

  1. Hello, it’s me..I know now, u know why I walked away from that career. I know I will be doing it ahain, if I ever get this house on the market….packed 1st!

    U make me laugh and remember why!!

    Love, BA

  2. Well, thanks for a big laugh because I sure can relate to many of those…only, it’s my DH and not my Mother. Since I’m still trying to get my house emptied so it can go on the market, I came across a box with some of my Mother’s meds in it. She died in ’93. (don’t worry, I’ll take the pills to be disposed of in Downingtown). In the meantime, we’re up here close to the Vet, which takes very good care of my DH. Cheers to you…=^..^=

    1. Haha, Oh Diane….the pills and the Vet….how perfect. See, we are all sympatico! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Me too….needed to DO something that was at least going to bring a smile to someone, even it was just me!

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