It’s the little things………Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

It’s Thanksgiving week. Here is where we post the things we are thankful for.  Just in that sentence, I’m thankful, that as an adult, I can end that sentence with a preposition and no one can stop me.

Like many, I have much to be thankful for, but let’s look at the really small things:

10.  I’m thankful for my hand doctor who said keep typing, your arthritis won’t get worse or better from it.  Thank you?

9.  I’m thankful for my new Poise pads that move seemlessly with my body, even though my body seems to move more problematically every day.

8. I’m thankful for my cleaning lady. Pretty much says it all.

7.  I’m thankful for Netflix, Amazon Prime and even Network TV. Stop judging.

6. I’m thankful for socks.

5.  I’m thankful for Pumpkin Spice smells. I know it’s overdone, but I still love it, just maybe not in my socks.


4. I’m thankful for my bathroom scale. Okay, it’s a love-hate relationship but it keeps me honest, especially this time of year.

3. I’m thankful for coffee. I’ve cut back but my friend advised me yesterday that it’s the one thing that has all upside and no downside.  I shall now return to my devotion to cafe au lait.

2. I’m thankful for just being where I am. It’s pretty great here.

1.  I’m most thankful for you, my readers, who so kindly stop in on occasion to share a minute together. If you are or ever have been a caregiver, a special thanks to you for your love and sacrifice to your loved one. If you ever just did one kind thing in your life…and I know you have, each and every one of you….thanks for that, you may never know how you changed someone’s day or life.


©2017 Cathy Sikorski

12 thoughts on “It’s the little things………Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

  1. Love this and you are so right, the little things make our lives easier, even the scale. This year I’m very thankful for my heating company! Our heater stopped working on Tuesday and I was hosting Thanksgiving! It was fixed and running by Wednesday night. As always, I am also very thankful for my family and friends – you being at the top of the list my friend.

    1. Cannot believe the heater story, you and holidays don’t seem to get along…….thankful for you every day, friend!

  2. Glad to see you are keeping on. I’m thankful that my house has been sold and closed (although I wanted to stay there and leave feet first…) But most of all, I’m thankful that I still have my marbles…I wonder how long that will last, though. Just less than a month before the winter solstice, and then the days will start getting longer. Gussie added that. =^..^= Cheers

    1. Diane…I have been so out of touch…mostly because I’ve been traveling so much. But I’m staying put for awhile and hope to see you soon! Can’t believe you sold your house and cleaned it out so quickly, what a drain on you that must’ve been! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  3. I’m thankful for my little studio apartment that never seems to be big enough for all my stuff. It’s comfortable, I own it (it’s a co-op) and it’s in a very nice building.

    I’m thankful for my smart, cute, naughty kitty, Harmony. She keeps me on my toes, makes me laugh and keeps me company.

    I’m thankful to God for everything.

  4. After the worst year imaginable for various reasons I am still grateful for life and delicious moments like reading this post. I am grateful to know someone like you who makes the world lighter and brighter. Thank you for that.

    1. Cathy Squared, yes indeed. So thankful for my friends. You know that last bit about how you’ve done something wonderful for someone and you may never know how it’s changed their day or their life…that’s you. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend.

    1. I know Mary, but the scale is a necessary evil, right? We are women of great taste and we like to taste a lot! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you Cathy :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m thankful I’m here feeling good and I know you!! 🙂


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