It’s Here…..It’s Here…..!!!!

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My baby has been launched!!!

You can find us at Amazon .com at this link:

I  am so excited to see this fun work of such a long time finally come out to be a friend at your reading table. Thanks for all your continued support. Love to all of you my wonderful readers!

0 thoughts on “It’s Here…..It’s Here…..!!!!

  1. Ordered it tonight!!! Look forward to this exciting accomplishment of yours!!!
    R U around this weekend?

      1. Hi Cathy, Can’t wait to read your book! Love your blog and know your book will be a good read too! Changed email – yahoo wouldn’t open…lol! Techy skills still striving to work here! Enjoy your day!

  2. Congratulations!! I just ordered your book and can’t wait to get started reading, and laughing my way through it. I am SO proud of you, my dearest! Love you, Jo jo

  3. Congratulations! Soooooooooo proud of you and never letting go of your dream.


  4. I have read it and it is really enjoyable……. Lots of fun but very real and honest. I believe that most readers will relate to lots of it. A great read.

    1. Thanks, Marian. So glad you enjoyed it! Lots of fun in Ireland got in the way of your reading, I fear…..can’t wait to return to the loving arms of your family!