High School Never Ends…………..

I thought perhaps I should give you a tip for caregivers once a month. But then I did a Story Slam where I totally relived a humiliating experience. That seemed like so much more fun….for you!


Hope you enjoyed!

“You Just have to Laugh…………”

©2018 Cathy Sikorski

8 thoughts on “High School Never Ends…………..

  1. Great story and great presentation!

    I was a class outcast in both grade school and high school. Those were painful years. I attended an all-girl Catholic high school. The final straw was when the members of the graduating senior class “willed” various things to the members of the junior class, in an assembly in front of the whole school. I was the only junior who was left out. I wasn’t embarrassed; I was hurt. This was the culmination of what I perceived was a string of rejections over the entire 11 years. I was so hurt that I switched schools in my senior year, and attended the local public school, from which I graduated.

    1. Oh, Kathy…I’m so sorry that was your experience. I applaud you for changing schools in your senior year. Clearly you went on to be unafraid of being in front of an audience! Thanks for reading!

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