Happy 99th Birthday, Marie!

Today would have been my mother-in-law, Maire’s 99th birthday.  In honor of all our great and hilarious times spent together, here is my tribute to a great party gal!

Please click on the link to see my StorySlam tribute to Marie!




0 thoughts on “Happy 99th Birthday, Marie!

  1. Happy 99th Marie! Dancing on the clouds! What a perfect example of how to enjoy life.
    Great job Cathy!! XOXO

  2. First, it’s just great SEEING and HEARING you. Aside from that what a wonderful tribute to your MIL. Done as only you can do – with humor and love.

  3. Always funny, and Marie always sweet…but wish I had known! All those years and Marie and I not only shared the same BD, but also the same love of Vodka!!! Polish girls?? And to think we would sip wine at your place when we could have been pounding down a Vodka!!

    Awesome memory of and awesome Lady!!! Love all of your family. Happy Birthweek, month & Season Marie, partying where ever you are <3 <3<3 xoxo

    1. So yeah….you two crazy party girls SHARE A BIRTHDAY!!! How great is that? But I must tell you….Marie was 100% Ukrainian….they get so uppity when someone says they are Polish!!! So if you get any hauntings in the next few days….I warned you.Happy Birthday,dear friend.

  4. One of her favorite summer drinks was a “Moscow Mule”…vodka and ginger beer with a lime, in a tall chilled high ball glass. She must have built up some resistance to the power of vodka over the years.

  5. your mother in law is one cool lady. she still knew how to party, and have fun!! LOL!!!!!